Anupama Written update 12 August 2023

Anupama Written update 12 August 2023

Anupama written update today episode of the TV show is going to be quite interesting, where you’ll witness Dimpy saying that you folks won’t pitch in with us, and we won’t go without our share. So, we’ll stay in the upper part of the house, and down below, you all will be stay.

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You’ll see someone saying, ‘No one ever listened to me before.’ I’d already said that this girl will cause trouble in our house. If Dad and Va are in a fix, they’ll tell Anupama that since it’s Va and Dad’s house, the decision will be taken by both. But Dad and Va will say that whatever decision Anupama makes, she’ll get it right.


Then, Anupama will say, ‘Alright, if you both want to stay apart, go ahead.’ But the Pooja room will stay the same, because gods aren’t divided, and I’m even keeping the kitchen separate. Next, Anupama will say, ‘Till now, no one has eaten food made by Mom and Va’s hands.’

Anupama 11 August 2023 written updateAnupama written episode

Now, after tasting the wife’s food, you ought to get the hang of the cost of lentils and flour. She’ll say this to Samar in a way that even I am surprised. After that, Anupama will say that it’s the kids’ responsibility to keep the family united. Why should only parents always bow down? So, Anupama will make the whole family agree that kids also have the responsibility of keeping the family united.

Anupama written updateAnupama serial written episode

Till when will parents keep bowing down to their kids? Later, you’ll see Dimpy saying, ‘How quickly everyone was in our place.’ Anupama will ask, ‘What’s your problem?’ We’ve agreed to all your conditions, now we’ll see. If you both wanted to stay separate, then stay separate. But remember, everything will be separate. Anupama will say this and also mention things like soap, lentils, flour, sugar, electricity bill, water bill, even newspapers and laundry.

If you use items from different houses, you’ll have to pay for them. Alright. If you delay any payment, Anupama will say a lot of things. Then you’ll see Anupama saying, ‘We can’t stay together.’ So, now stay separate, but you’ll still have to follow the house rules. If you can’t, then give a part of the house and do whatever you want. Then you’ll see Vanraj saying that even he once decided to stay away from the family. But he understood the value of family in just one day. And Tosu and Pakhi have also made mistakes. Even Kinjal, despite wanting to, didn’t stay away from the family.

Anupama written updateAnupama episode

Vanraj is emotional, so you’ll see Vanraj crying. Try and see for yourself. After that, Anupama will give her blessings and say, ‘May God always keep you happy.’ Elders always give blessings, no matter how the kids take them. Anupama will say that by taking care of these things, you’ll get to know the true value of family.

After that, Anupama will say, ‘It’s alright, Dimpy, that you’re angry now.’ She’ll grab Samar’s hand while he’s still angry, and she’ll lead him upstairs. Va and the family will be surprised to see this side of Samar. Then you’ll see Anupama saying, ‘Now whatever is, is. Life requires making difficult decisions many times.’ She’ll explain this to Baapuji, looking here. Then Anuj is thinking that why hasn’t Anupama come yet. After that, Baapuji will say to Anupama that you have so many problems at your home, and we have given you this problem here.

Later, you’ll see them talking about Romil being in the Kapadia house. And what Barkha said, Anupama will say that Bhabhi isn’t at fault in this. Anyone else in Bhabhi’s place would have done the same, but why should the punishment for Dad and Mom’s mistake fall on the children?

And Romil’s rudeness is visible to everyone. But no one thinks that maybe he hasn’t even lived in the family. No one has scolded him. Anupama will say many things. After that, you’ll see Anupama saying that look at our Bably, that there is no blood relation with her, but it doesn’t seem so. Then Raj and Kavya are listening to all this conversation of Anupama. Anupama, taking Bably, will say many things and then you’ll see.

Anupama written updatewritten update Anupama

Anupama, leaving from the Shah house, will turn around and look back, after which you’ll see Anupama saying that there is no piece of paper in the house that is not broken. If it’s broken, it can’t be fixed, and Kanha Ji will be prayed by her to unite her family once again. Later, you’ll see Anupama going away and flowers falling on her.

As Anupama and Anuj are leaving the house, will they be able to see the true face of Adik, whether Pakhi will be able to speak against Adik, and what will happen to Samar and Dimpy being away from the family? On the other hand, what do you think will be malati Devi’s next move?

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