Anupama 26 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 26 July 2023 written update full Episode

The written update of episode “Anupama 26 July 2023 written update full Episode begins at Shah House, and there’s a lot of commotion. Anuj gives Samar a good scolding. They wonder how Samar could sign a contract with Malati devi. In today’s episode of the TV show, you will see everyone criticising Samar, questioning how he could do such a thing.

Anupama 26 July 2023 written update full EpisodeAnupama 26 July 2023 written update full Episode

In the midst of all this, Samar will be lectured. His brother will say, “You are a good child of your mother. She has been praising you all this time, and now you have joined hands with her enemies. You can’t do this. Making mistakes is only Pakhi and Toshu’s privilege. 

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During this, Dimpy will come and say that they can’t sit comfortably at home or rely on their wives’ money like Samar does.

Kinjal will also scold Dimpy, wondering how she can say such things. She will say that it’s a matter between the two brothers and doesn’t involve Dimpy.

Later, Vanraj will tell Samar, “You are a good boy of this house. How could you make such a mistake?”

“So, Samar will say that he’s not a good child of the Shah family. I’m irritated with being called a good child all the time, I don’t want to be like Mom. I don’t have to pay the price for everyone’s mistakes, but good children don’t have the right to make mistakes.

According to you, what is a good child? Someone who just agrees with everything the family says. They don’t let their own opinions come out, and they’ll have a lot to say later.

Then, you will see Anuj saying, “Listen, you’ve aligned yourself with someone who wants to destroy Mom. Anuj will be very angry, asking how you could do this. Malati Devi wants to ruin Anupama. If you haven’t thought about it, we’ll see.

Vanraj will say, “I understand your frustration with society, as I have been through this phase in life too. But that doesn’t mean if you work with Malati Devi, he’ll say that now Samar’s offer was good. It’s a big opportunity, that’s why she wants to hire a good dancer. Despite your losses, he will also say that.

With this, you’ll see Vanraj saying, “Anything can happen, then what will you do?”

“Because Malati Devi can do anything. At this point, Anuj will ask, ‘Will you keep working with her even then? Or will you leave your work?’ Anuj will talk to Samar a lot about this matter. Then, you will see Samar saying, ‘It’s not about making money; it’s about dancing, and I’ll handle that.’ Then, there will be an argument between Dimpy and Pal, and Samar will say, ‘Don’t say anything to Dimpy, and what do you know? Maybe I made this decision so that I can do good work. Whatever loss Malati Devi faced, I’ll compensate for it and ask Mom to forgive her. Let their relationship be okay again.’

After that, Anuj will express his concern, saying, ‘Loss, loss, that’s all you care about. I was a businessman, and I know Malati Devi hasn’t suffered any loss. It’s just her ego that got hurt.’ Anuj will try to make Samar understand, but he won’t get it. Then, you’ll see Anupama telling Samar that he must have thought it through and made the decision. It’s his life, so he has to make the choice. Anupama will also tell Samar that smiling in difficult times is a skill that needs to be learned.

Next, Anuj will say that tomorrow is the Baby Shower function, and Kavya’s preparations will be perfect. Later, Anupama will leave Shah House and go home. On the way, Anuj will talk to Anupama and send Pakhi with more gifts, saying he needs to talk to her alone. Anupama will express her worries that Malati Devi is using her children against her. Anuj will advise her to focus on herself and not give Malati Devi any chance to complain.

Afterwards, Anupama will tell Samar that he must have made the decision thoughtfully, and if it’s his dream, he should pursue it. Anupama will also express her fear that her dream might not come true. Meanwhile, Malati Devi will inform Nakuul that a new dancer, Samar Shah, has joined her academy. Nakuul will be surprised to hear this. Malati Devi will ask Nakuul to take care of things in the US, as Samar will handle their academy here. Nakuul will try to make Malati Devi understand that she is losing the respect of a disciple and a mother, which is not good.

Anupama will try to explain to Samar, but he won’t understand. Later, Anupama will say to herself that she is both a disciple and a mother, and she will never give up on them. Then, it will be interesting to see what Malati Devi has planned for Samar by making him join her dance academy and what her intentions are. Will Anupama save her family from Malati Devi’s schemes or not? What do you think? Let me know.

“Alright, that’s the end of today’s Anupama 26 July 2023 written Episode.

Only that is in the Anupama 26 July 2023 written update full episode . Stay connected to know more about upcoming Anupama written update episodes.

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