Anupama 27 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 27 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 27th July 2023 Written Update: Preparations for Kavya’s baby shower have begun. Meanwhile, Toshu is trying to change himself, making an effort. Malati Devi spots a child in the Gurukul, and this worries Anupama. In today’s episode of the TV show “Anupama,” you will see Dimpy and Samar in their room. Dimpy will express that it was good they stood up for themselves, but Samar will question if they really did the right thing.

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He will say that everyone is talking, and they might have to think carefully before speaking. Dimpy will try to convince Samar that the decision they made was well thought out, and they will become a bridge between Mom and Gurumaa. They will surely face enemies but will keep everyone updated.

Anupama 27 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 27 July 2023 written update full Episode

On the other hand, Vanraj is troubled about Samar not being well-received by people. What will happen to him? Kavya will make him understand that he shouldn’t be bothered, but Vanraj will ask for forgiveness, saying they shouldn’t discuss this matter again. At this time, they should talk about the baby shower. Meanwhile, it will be revealed that Barkha has found out about the baby shower in the Kapadia House, and she will express her disapproval. She will question why they are having it here when Maya’s death anniversary hasn’t even passed yet

So, Anuj will say, “You don’t have to come. Don’t come if you are so upset about Maya’s death. We are also sad, but it’s essential for Chhoti’s happiness. She’s quite excited, and it’s crucial for her to be there.” Anupama will reply, “Yes, Chhoti is very excited.” Anuj will then suggest that everyone should get ready for the preparations as time is running out.

Meanwhile, Barkha will intervene and say that today is inauspicious. First, she has received a message that Pakhi is joining the office. Then, after listening to Samar and Dimpy’s conversation, she will agree to work with Malati Devi. And now, this baby shower! Barkha will emphasize that she doesn’t care about anything, but she will definitely tell Pakhi, and in her anger, she will leave from there, with Barkha attempting to stop her.

Moving forward, we will see Toshu going to Kinjal and thanking her for standing up for him in front of everyone. Kinjal will reply, “You stood up for Mom as well. It seems you are changing.” Toshu will become emotional and express that no one is like a mother. He will share several things related to his mother, and we will see him talking about changing for the better. He will mention that he will now focus on his responsibilities rather than his own interests, and Kinjal will tell him to understand the value of relationships, and then relationships will understand his worth. Whether it’s the relationship of a mother and son or husband and wife, or any other relationship, Toshu will tell her, “I want one thing from you, just don’t leave the house, stay with me like a fairy.”

Meanwhile, Anupama will be praying to Kanha Ji, asking for everything to be okay. On the other hand, Malati Devi will hear the baby crying in the Gurukul, and the baby will be visible there. Anupama will feel worried that something wrong might happen. Malati Devi will think, “Why did this thought come into my mind?” Back at Shah House, everyone will be preparing, and everyone will be happy to go to Kapadia House. Vanraj will take care of Kavya, and she will ask, “Where is Kinjal?”

She was supposed to get me ready. If Kinjal comes for the baby shower, forgive me. I urgently need to go to the office. The project is under my supervision, and no one else can handle it. Everyone will understand Kinjal’s words, and she will tell them, “If you don’t feel bad, then why make it awkward? Otherwise, you would have apologized and thanked me too.” Meanwhile, during this time, Vanraj will say that if Kinjal isn’t coming, he will get Kavya ready. Kavya will say, “I’ll be the one wearing the oldest theme with a fashion theme.” There will be a lighthearted atmosphere with laughter and jokes.

Then, Bapuji will talk about the family and relationships, saying that a family is like this. One should always remain happy and smiling and should understand the struggles of their daughter-in-law. As a result, everyone will be seen happy, and preparations to go to Kapadia House will be underway. On the other side, you will see Anupama in the kitchen, preparing everything.

Anuj will arrive and recite some poetry for Anupama. They will share some moments together. Anuj will say, “I have come here to help you.” Anupama will respond, “When you are around, I don’t need help.” Anuj will comment that she doesn’t like this distinction. You will witness some fun moments between them, and Anupama’s mind will be filled with fear. She will ask Anuj, “Everything will be fine, right?” He will reassure her that everything will be alright and she shouldn’t worry. Anupama will then send Anuj away to get ready.

However, Anupama still has some apprehensions in her mind, and she plans to send a long message to Malati Devi. She is thinking that if she asks for forgiveness, Malati Devi may not give her a chance to recover. Now, it will be interesting to see what kind of drama unfolds during the upcoming baby shower event. Anupama is worried about what might actually happen. On the other hand, Malati Devi saw a child at the Gurukul, and she wonders what connection it has with her.

And that’s where the Anupama 27th July 2023 written update comes to an end.

That’s all for today’s Anupama 27th July 2023 written update full episode.

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