Anupama 28 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 28 July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama Serial 28 July 2023 Written update full episode Kavya’s baby shower is going on, so everyone is very happy, but Kavya is feeling guilty. She wants to talk to Anupama in any case. On the other hand, Dimpy is giving all the updates to Devi. Meanwhile, Ankur has gone to the function. So, Barakha is starting to enjoy it. In today’s episode of the TV show,

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you will see that Kavya will be in her room and she is very distressed. She doesn’t understand how to come out of the guilt and wants to tell all these things to Anupama. But she is afraid that everything will be ruined. Right now, everything is fine in her relationship, and those are the two voices of Kavya’s conscience.

Anupama 28July 2023 written update full Episode

Anupama 28 July 2023 written update full Episode

One is saying to tell the truth, that these things cannot be hidden like this, and the other conscience is saying that you cannot do this, Kavya will be disturbed, it will happen. Meanwhile, Vanraj will come, and Kavya will be scared. He will say something about Vanraj, and then Vanraj will say that whatever you say, I can do that. 

I can help you, I can take your pictures and make your reels, so you will see ahead. Everyone has reached the Kapor House. Everyone will get to see their ramp walk. Where Anupama, Anuj, and Choti Anu will come, and there everyone will come in their pairs. But Pakhi will come with Ankush, and there he will be more with Barkha, where Toshu will say that Pakhi should have come with more but Bapuji will twist the matter. You will see ahead.

After the baby shower, everyone will praise Kavya a lot. They will say that your face is glowing differently. So, Kavya is thinking that she must talk to Anupama in any case. Meanwhile, the focus will shift to Kavya and Vanraj, where you will see Toshu saying that we should have a better baby. I want to say this. Toshu will get emotional, and he will say that you people have given me so many chances to rectify my mistakes. Thank you. I will try my best, and I’ll prove to be a good child.

Where Anupama and Vanraj will be with Toshu, the atmosphere will become a bit emotional. Meanwhile, Dimpy will try to provoke Samar, saying that he has become emotional and she knows him better than anyone else. But Dimpy will continuously try to provoke him.

On the other hand, you will see Barkha saying that drama with these people never ends. The dramas start even before the rituals begin. Then she will say that you should stay away from these people to avoid trouble. She will also mention that she couldn’t talk to Pakhi yesterday, but today she will talk to her in any case.

Then, you will see them performing the pre-rituals and performing the puja. Meanwhile, Ankush will receive a call and will be very troubled. He will say something, and then Barkha will be quite distressed, wondering if Ankush has gone to their son. Ahead..

You will see that the ritual will begin. First, Vanraj will go and try to say nice things to Kavya in her ear. Then Vanraj will tell Kavya that the baby has not even arrived yet, and everything between them has already become perfect. When the baby comes, everything will be perfect. Kavya and Vanraj will become emotional.

Then, you will see Anupama and Anuj coming, and Kavya will want to talk to Anupama before they start the ritual. Then, they will praise each other, and the ritual will begin.

Next, you will see Malati Devi in the Gurukul. She will be dancing with Nakul, but he won’t pay attention to her. Nakul will ask her why Malati Devi’s phone is ringing. Did Dimpy send her a picture or ask her what’s going on?

Then, the baby shower will begin. Malati Devi will feel her heart breaking and hear the echoes of the baby’s voice in her ears. Then, Anupama will introduce a game. There will be a black dot on the board of the baby. Participants will have to put a blindfold on their eyes and apply the dot correctly on the baby’s forehead. The one who applies the dot accurately will win. When Samar refuses to play the game, the rest will play and enjoy it.

Then, you will see Barakha being worried that Ankush might have gone to their son. She will be quite anxious, Everyone is quite happy. Barakha will call Ankush, but he won’t answer the call. Then, they will introduce another game where they will dress up a baby doll with diapers and clothes. Everyone will be delighted,

and they will enjoy the game. Meanwhile, Barakha will call Ankur and ask him what was so important that he left in the middle. She will get angry with Ankush and now, she will also succumb to her anxiety.

On the other hand, Pakhi will be quite happy. She will be doing a makeover for her father. If he doesn’t participate in the game, at least he can get a makeover. She will then go and stand near Dimpy. From there, she will move away. But if she overhears the conversation between

Dimpy and Anupama, then Vanraj will win the game. He will be the first one to dress up the baby with diapers and clothes. Then, he will ask Kavya to tell their child that his father is going to become a perfect dad. At the same time, Kavya is very troubled because she wants to talk to Anupama in any case. Now, it will be interesting to see.

Dimpy will keep updating Malati Devi. In the end, where did Ankush go, and what is Kavya’s secret, and will Anupama find any solution to her problems or not? What do you think?

And that’s where the Anupama 28 July 2023 written update comes to an end.

That’s all for today’s Anupama 28 July 2023 written update full episode.

Stay tuned for more updates on Anupama written episodes.

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