Anupama 7 August 2023 written update

Written episode Anupama 7 aug 2023

Anupama written update TV show today’s episode quite interesting in which you will see that Kavya is very upset and she’s talking to her baby that the mistake is mommy’s, but you’re getting punished.

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Your dad is angry with you, on the other hand, you’ll see that Barkha will be with Anupama and she’ll try to explain to Anupama why you’re angry with her. It’s not her fault and why you’re punishing yourself.

Anupama 7 August 2023 written updateAnupama written episode

You haven’t said or eaten anything since last night. Where Barkha is getting angry, she wants to break things, then Anupama will say throw it away and say that you also do the same in anger. Anupama will say I’m from a middle-class family and I can’t do that.

After that, Anupama will give her a lot of stuff and she’ll keep looking at you in anger, then you’ll see that you’ll feel. Our decision is wrong. Anuj and my decision is wrong. But we care a lot about you, and she’ll say that too. Ankush had refused that we won’t bring that child into our lives,

which is why I never did anything different. Barakha will say all this and then Anupama will try to explain to her that the child is not at fault. Think about the child, he lived with his mother from the beginning and suddenly today his mother refused to take responsibility for him.

Anupama written updateAnupama serial written episode

On the other hand, when he came to his father’s house, everyone rejected him. Such children are very sensitive. Think once, if tomorrow, on your brother’s word, you separate him from home and he does something, will he forgive himself? On the other hand, you’ll see that Barkha will be in Anupama’s lap, having a breakdown.

So Anupama is trying to explain to her, but Barkha will say. One thing is very clear that no matter what happens, neither on the basis of humanity nor on the basis of motherhood, I will never adopt that child. You will see that Samar and Dimpy are in the car and the horn is honking.

Anupama written updatewritten update Anupama

Shah House people are troubled. When they come out and see, they’ll be amazed seeing Samar and Dimpy because they’ve brought a new car, where Dimpy will ask, you guys aren’t happy, why so quiet, and then Vannaraj will respond. He’s happy, but it will cost around 10 to 12 lakhs.

From where did you get so much money? Then he’ll say that we got an advance, so we bought it. After that, you’ll see that Toshu will try to explain to Samar that Malati Devi is just using you. She wants to suppress you in front of your mother, so that you won’t say anything tomorrow.

Anupama written updateAnupama episode

He’ll say many things, where Dimpy will listen to Toshu and tell him to behave properly in Shah House. Toshu will tell his wife to sometimes listen to Dimpy because sometimes Dimpy tells the truth and it feels bad to everyone. When Samar says all this, you’ll see that he’s not happy with success. Instead of thinking about me and you, think about yourself.

 Otherwise, tomorrow your daughter will call you unsuccessful, a loser, and you used to call me “Nachaniya” (a performer) since childhood. You were a topper and now you’re you’re sitting at home and I’m seeing you being the most jealous.

So keep your jealousy away and don’t stop us from moving forward, then you’ll see that. We made a mistake by sharing it, now don’t stop. Samar will say all this, then he’ll fall into trouble. Vannaraj slapped him twice. Then you’ll see that all the family members are sitting together at Kapadia House. Where Romil and Ankush will also come, and Barkha will also be there.

Anupama will be serving breakfast to everyone. When she reaches Romil, he’ll say that he doesn’t want it, he has ordered it. Just pay for it and he’ll leave. Barkha will say, “What is this behavior?” Then you’ll see that she has got a job. Sultanate did not win. Rudeness will not be tolerated in this house. Today, you have been misbehaved with” Big brother. Tomorrow he will do it with me,

and the day after tomorrow with Bapu Ji. He will say to Dimpi and Samar, ‘Now or never, ask for forgiveness. After that, he’ll tell Samar, ‘I knew you’d always take your favorite son’s side. It has always been this way.’ He’ll say many things, and then he’ll see you later.

Kinjal will also say, ‘Malati Devi is wrong. She won’t accept that everyone can’t be wrong together.’ You’ll see chaos at Shah House. On the other hand, Anuj will say, ‘He’s just a child, he didn’t know better, but he scolded Choti in the morning.’ With Anupama’s support, he’ll say, ‘I apologize.’

Ankush will ask for forgiveness on his behalf. Barakha will speak too. Romil did a lot; there’s no other way. And then, where Ankush will say, ‘You haven’t changed either.’ If Barakha says too much, you’ll pick her up. After that, Ankush will say, ‘I had given you the option of divorce.’ Barakha will say, ‘You act like you have billions.’ Ankush will respond, ‘I wanted what I never got from you – more love and respect.’

Ankush will say, ‘It’s like this. Don’t speak between us. The chaos at Kapoor House will increase.’ Now it’ll be interesting to watch. Where there’s chaos at Shah House, the same debate will happen at kapadia House.”

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