Anupama 8 August 2023 written update

Written episode Anupama 8 aug 2023

Anupama written update “Vanraj threatened  Malati devi. If I attempt to set fire to my house, I will burn your Lanka. So,  Malati devi tried to provoke Little Annu. After that, people thought they had a conflict. Today’s episode of the TV show ‘Anupama’ will be quite interesting,

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where you will see. Malati will be with Nakul and say, ‘Increase Dimpy and Samar’s salary, give them a bonus.’ Nakul will question this, and then Vanraj will enter and say, ‘The better the artist, the smaller your heart is.’ Later, Vanraj will tell  Malati devi a lot.

Anupama 8 August 2023 written update

If Anupama couldn’t do anything, she has used her children as pawns. Anupama is simple, but Vanraj is not weak, and  Malati devi will say, ‘What can you do?’ and Vanraj will respond, ‘If you try to set my house on fire, I will set Lanka on fire.’ Don’t misunderstand Anupama.

Anupama written updateAnupama serial written episode

After hearing a lot from  Malati devi, he will leave for where Anuj will be saying, ‘Where are you fighting early in the morning?’ It’s being discussed at the Kapadia House that I will reach Anupama’s message to  Malati devi, and she will get annoyed after hearing it because  Malati devi has told her that Vanraj came.

Anupama written updatewritten update Anupama

Your ex-husband has threatened me on your behalf, and he’s troubled. He says he will do what needs to be done. You’ll see that Samar is questioning his father why he went to  Malati devi to threaten her. Where Vanraj will try to speak.

Dimpy will say that whatever it is, you will ruin us because we work for  Malati devi. Vanraj will say, ‘Take care of your wife.’ This is a daughter-in-law, so don’t create problems like this. Then Anupama will enter and try to explain to Vanraj that  Malati devi is angry now, so there was no need for you to do that.

Anupama written updateAnupama episode

If we respond to a brick with a stone, we’ll just keep fighting. When Samar says, ‘I’m also trying to explain the same thing,’ Anupama will hit him. Tana will say, ‘You have a car outside.’ Then Anupama will say, ‘Okay, it will be fine.’ Both of you go and talk there.

There’s no need to talk in the middle. After that, Malati devi will say, ‘Dimpy, you’ve taken a dig at Anupama’s hand,’ or Dimpy will say that. Yes, then Anupama will say, ‘Fine, I’ll do it myself.’ If I’m patiently handling things, don’t mistake it for my weakness. Now Anupama will go to make breakfast. At Shah House,

when Kavya reaches near her, she will ask if he came to you last night. She will say, ‘I’m not asking in the wrong way because I tried to talk to Vanraj, and he’s not listening to me.’ So she wants to know, and then Anupama will say, ‘If he betrays you like this, will you talk?’ She will say, ‘No, that’s why I’m ready to face the consequences.

I was leaving, but Vineet stopped me from going because he didn’t want to hurt Bapuji repeatedly. So now he will ask Anupama what he should do. Anupama will tell him that apart from waiting for her apology, he can’t do anything. Then Kavya will ask Anupama how she will handle  Malati devi.

Anupama will say that I have patience and respect in my heart. But if she tries to involve my children in something, then I will first exercise patience, and the day respect is lost, who knows what will happen. Then, on the other hand, you will see that Malati devi has got her point against Anupama.

Ahead, you will see more arguments between Aditya and Romil. Aditya will save Pakhi from falling. Now, a fight will erupt between Romil and Aditya. Ankush and Barkha will come and stop them. Where Ankush will tell Aditya not to come near his son. On the other hand,

Anupama will talk to Vanraj and try to make him understand that he didn’t need to do what he did. Will  Malati devi understand? What will Malati devi do if she doesn’t understand? Will she understand that she is on the wrong path? If not, what will be her next move? What do you think? 

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