Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 26 July 2023 written update full Episode

Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 26 July 2023 written update full Episode

Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 26 July 2023 written update full Episode. Episode starts where both Radha and Mohan are sleeping, and then Mohan opens his eyes and lovingly looks at Radha. Mohan says to Radha to wait until tomorrow, and tomorrow he will tell her what feelings he has for her in his heart.

Then, we’ll take this relationship forward. Radha and Mohan will be together forever, and Mohan falls asleep again. Meanwhile, Tulsi is sitting near GunGun and says that she also wants to know what is written in these letters. GunGun wakes up and says that until she doesn’t read her mom’s letters, she won’t be able to sleep.

Now, Tulsi speaks up and says, “GunGun, no, you promised Radha, right?” GunGun replies, “Yes, I know that I have to read these letters with Radha, but what if I read them again with Radha?”. Then GunGun takes out the letter and starts reading it, in which it is written, “My dear little fairy GunGun, your mom loves you very, very, very much.” Tulsi happily says, “Okay, well written, Mom. Seems like it’s written to comfort GunGun’s heart. Now, let’s go. While you read your letters, I’ll check on Kaveri Mausi and Damini.” Here, GunGun starts reading the letter silently, and after reading all the letters, GunGun’s face changes as if she is very troubled. Now, Tulsi asks GunGun, “What happened, GunGun? Why are you silent?”

Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 26 July 2023 written update full EpisodePyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 26 July 2023 written update full Episode


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But GunGun throws away all the letters and says that Radha cannot do such a thing. She says it’s all a lie. GunGun continues reading the letters and crying. Tulsi keeps asking what is written about Radha in them. GunGun gathers all the letters and puts them in the box, hugs it to her chest, and cries herself to sleep. Now, Tulsi says, “Banke Bihari Ji, what is written in these letters? And why was GunGun crying, taking Radha’s name?” Tulsi then thinks that if she takes this box from GunGun, she will get scared. But what should she do? How can she find out what is written in the letters?

Now Tulsi prays to Banke Bihari that the relationship between Banke Bihari and Radha Mohan has just begun to improve. Please don’t let anything happen that would cause a rift between them. After some time, Tulsi sees that GunGun has fully fallen asleep and takes the box from her hands. Now, Tulsi starts reading each letter one by one and becomes overwhelmed with emotions. She goes crazy and starts talking to herself, saying that she didn’t write any of this, it’s all GunGun’s doing.

Tulsi then says that all of this is a lie, and Radha could never do such a thing. She couldn’t even think of it. Tulsi continues by saying that her mother couldn’t have written all of this; she probably didn’t know anything about it. Tulsi is now troubled and wonders what is happening. The next morning, the family celebrates the festival of Teej inside the house. Everyone is happy, and Radha is singing a song.

Meanwhile, GunGun wakes up and immediately takes the box in her hands, thinking about the letters she read last night. She wonders why Radha did that with her mother. GunGun tells herself that all of this is a lie, she didn’t write those letters. Now, GunGun will have to tell everyone about the golden letters. GunGun says that no, it’s not true.

However, she leaves from there. Meanwhile, Radha is still singing down below, and GunGun looks at her with even more anger. Damini and Kaveri are there, and Damini says, “Look, mom, our plan has started.” She watches GunGun. Then, another woman, Kadambri, says that Radha has made such beautiful idols. Kadambri remarks that last year also she made very beautiful idols. She has never seen anyone making idols with so much love and devotion. GunGun is troubled by seeing Radha.

Now, Tulsi tells GunGun to go and talk to Radha after seeing her. Mohan speaks and says that Radha will do everything that she did last year. Decorating the house, making idols, and observing the fast. Hearing the word “fast,” everyone is shocked, and Radha acts as if she has been caught stealing.

Kadambri asks Mohan what kind of fast is it and whether she observed it last year as well. Mohan says that this is not Radha’s first Teej fast, it’s her second. Last year, she observed the fast and got it broken by me. Mohan adds that she is very clever, his mother.

Now, Kadambri expresses her surprise and says, “Okay, all of this was happening right under our noses, and we had no idea.” Mohan tells her that she has no clue. Radha remains quietly engrossed in her devotion. Mohan then assures Kadambri that Radha won’t turn back now. On the other hand, GunGun is troubled by seeing Radha and wonders how to talk about these letters. She goes and stands near her grandfather, and Tulsi also notices it.

Tulsi advises GunGun not to speak to her grandfather first, but rather go and talk to Radha. GunGun goes to her grandfather and says that she needs to talk to him urgently. But her grandfather says he is busy and can’t talk now. He tells her to go and get ready after taking a bath, as there’s a big celebration in the house. He adds that they will listen to whatever she wants to say after that.

GunGun goes to her grandfather, saying, “Please listen, I want to talk to you.” But he insists that he’s busy making flower garlands, and Radha has asked him to bring the items for the puja. He has three to four tasks to do. He doesn’t even remember what exactly needs to be done. He leaves after showering GunGun with love.

GunGun continues to call out to him, but he pays no attention and goes away. She calls him “Fufaji” and then goes to Ajit, saying she wants to talk to him. But Ajit replies that he is very busy and can’t talk right now. He has to make flower garlands and bring puja items for Radha. He doesn’t even remember the other tasks. Ajit leaves, ignoring GunGun’s request.

Now, GunGun insists, “Fufaji, please listen! Look, Tulsi is saying that all the letters you read were lies. Nothing like that happened. First, you talk to Radha.” Damini comments to Kaveri that GunGun seems quite restless and says that she told GunGun that this would happen, and now Radha will wear a white saree. Kaveri believes that GunGun’s plan will be successful this time.

Ketaki then comes there and tells them not to think about doing anything. She says that their plan will be successful because Tulsi, who is with them, has done her job. They need to complete their part of the plan now. At this moment, Damini and Kaveri become nervous.

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