Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 29 July 2023 written update full Episode

radha mohan 29  july 2023 episode starts with Mohan reading a letter, and Tulsi tells Mohan that she did not write the letter, and he must trust Radha. Now, Kadambri asks Mohan, “Mohan, say something. Those people are taking Radha with them. What is written in this letter?”

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Now, Ketki also urges Mohan, “Mohan bhaiya, say something.” After reading the letter, Mohan becomes visibly upset and sits on the ground. Seeing Mohan’s condition, everyone becomes worried. Damini says, “Control, Damini, now Mohan has to handle himself. No matter how much he feels like it, he will handle it on his own, but right now, there is no benefit in doing that.”

Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 29 July 2023 written update full Episode

Pyaar ka pehla naam radha mohan 29  july 2023 episode 

police officers are taking Radha with them, and she screams, saying, ‘Mohan Ji, please save us, we haven’t done anything wrong.’ Now, Kadambri goes to Mohan and says, ‘Mohan, do something. They are taking our Radha with them. Stop them somehow.’ Ketaki speaks up, ‘Mohan bhaiya, there must be some misunderstanding with GunGun. Please understand her.

Radha can never do such a thing.’ Now, Radha’s grandmother says, ‘Mohan, son, make GunGun understand. Radha can’t do something like this at all.’ Radha’s father adds, ‘You know, Mohan, our daughter is innocent. She can’t harm anyone.’

Now, Kadambri insists, ‘Mohan beta, tell me what’s written in this letter.’ She continues, ‘Mohan, say something, my child.’ Mohan gets up and starts walking away without saying a word. Everyone at home is worried about why Mohan isn’t speaking. They try to stop him, but Mohan just keeps walking.

Mohan comes to his room and shuts the door. Damini thinks, ‘Now, the fun begins. You can try to explain Mohan as much as you want, but he’ll only think what I’m thinking.’ Damini asks Vedan, ‘Have you played the right game by turning GunGun into a weapon?’ Now, Kadambri addresses everyone, ‘You all go to your homes.’

They decide not to perform the pooja today and leave the place. Meanwhile, the police are dragging Radha inside the police station. Radha protests, saying, ‘We haven’t done anything, let us go.’

Inspector slaps Radha and warns, ‘Don’t talk too much, go inside quietly.’ Back in his room, Mohan is sitting there, remembering what Radha said.

The inspector hands Radha a white saree and tells her to change. Radha refuses, saying, ‘I won’t wear this white saree on Teej.’ The inspector insists, ‘Change your clothes.’ Radha again says, ‘No, madam, I won’t wear it.’

The inspector slaps Radha again and says, ‘Change your clothes now, or you’ll face more beatings.’ Finally, Radha accepts the saree and starts crying. Kadambri confronts GunGun, ‘How can you accuse your own Radha like this? She’s your mother, dear.’

GunGun replies, ‘No, grandmother, she’s not my mother. She’s a murderer who killed my mother.’ Damini thinks to herself, ‘Tell everyone, GunGun, how wicked Radha is, she’s a killer of your mother.’ GunGun adds, ‘Radha is very bad, very bad.’

Kadambri insists, ‘GunGun, you all don’t believe me, then read these letters yourself.’ She proceeds to read each letter to everyone. Damini thinks, ‘Read, read, everyone should read what your beloved Radha has done to you all. Today, Tulsi herself will tell you what Radha did to her, and now, Kadambri reads the letter. ‘I’m happy with your father. The entire family loves me a lot ever since they found out that I’m pregnant.’

It seems to be a story involving some family drama, misunderstandings, and emotional moments.

I am even more afraid now that she might do something to you. I tried to complain to the police, but they didn’t listen to me because Radha was only 14 years old. Now, Kadambari takes out another letter from the box and starts reading it.

‘My little fairy, GunGun, today I gave you birth, so I thought I would share this immense happiness with your dad. I will call him and end all our fights. But when I called him, I saw Radha looking at you with such a fierce gaze, as if she wanted to harm you. I had a tough time getting her away. But now, I am alone in this house.

I fear that Radha will come here again and do something wrong. Now, Tulsi says, ‘I know Radha, don’t you remember? You consider her your sister. She hasn’t done anything like that. Now, Kadambari takes out another letter from the box and starts reading it.

Kadambari reads, ‘Today, I saw Radha outside my house with a knife. GunGun, she wants to hurt you and me. GunGun, I am not afraid for myself, but I am afraid for you.

Please, your dad should come and take you away from here as soon as possible. I feel this might be my last letter, and if this letter reaches you after my death, then understand that Radha is responsible for my murder.

Now, Damini thinks, ‘This time, the poison I have instilled in your life, Radha, will not only distance you from Mohan but also turn this whole family against you. Each member will become your enemy.'”

And that’s where the Pyaar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 29 July 2023 written update full Episode comes to an end.

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