Pyar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 9 August 2023 written update

Written update of Radha mohan

Radha mohan written episode 9 aug 2023 Today’s episode starts where Radha is put back in jail because her bail application has been rejected. Now Shanti asks Radha what happened, why did you come back, you won’t get bail now. Now Radha speaks to Shanti.

Damini is playing a very bad game with our family. The love we have for our family, she has turned that same love into a weapon against us. That’s why the court has denied us bail. Radha should explain here that the bail being rejected is because of her own actions.

Pyar ka pehla naam Radha mohan 9 August 2023 written update

Radha mohan written episode 9 August 2023

Now Radha tells Shanti that she has proven that we can harm GunGun. How will we harm GunGun? Radha’s daughter Shanti boosts her courage. She says that you will be out of jail very soon. My heart tells me that. Radha says that for our family, for our GunGun, for my Mohan ji,

we can give our lives. Now Radha, while crying, says, “But the pain we have is just that because of Damini, GunGun hates us.” Our GunGun, who used to fight for us, now hates us because of Damini. She hates us so much that she doesn’t even turn to look at us.

Seeing Radha cry like this, Shanti hugs her tightly. Shanti tells Radha, “We can understand what you’re going through. If you don’t reconcile with your parents, how will things get better? Look, one day she’ll realize how much you love her.” Now Radha says, “I will pray to my Banke Bihari ji that our GunGun always remains happy, whether we are with her or not.”

Radha mohan 9 aug 2023

Written update Radha mohan

Now Shanti comforts Radha by hugging her and says, “Daughter, everything will be alright.” At home, GunGun is looking at Radha’s photo, remembering the moment when Mohan was about to harm her, and Radha came to save her, even fighting against Mohan.

Remembering the past, GunGun starts crying. Now Tulsi tells GunGun, “GunGun, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself, do you think Radha is capable of doing something like that? You’ve been told a lie. Radha could never do such a thing that could harm you or me. Please listen to your heart.” Now GunGun says,

“Everyone was saying that you hurt my mom, and the letters said the same. And if Radha is so bad, then why did she fight with my dad today? And if Radha is so bad, then why did Buaji take Radha’s side? And if Radha is so bad, then why did she cry for me today? And if Radha is so bad, then why am I remembering her today?”

Radha mohan written updates

Pyar ka pehla naam Radha mohan written update

Suddenly, Tulsi sees a shadow there and gets scared. Someone is getting bigger towards GunGun. Tulsi tries to warn GunGun, but her voice doesn’t reach GunGun, and someone places their hand on GunGun’s mouth and tries to take her away.

Tulsi rushes there but can’t touch the person. The person takes GunGun away while Tulsi shouts the family members’ names, hoping someone would hear her and come to save GunGun. But she forgets that she’s a ghost and her voice won’t be heard.

Meanwhile, the person takes GunGun to a secret spot, but GunGun calms down when she sees the person and realizes it’s not someone else, it’s Mohan.

“It happens. Tulsi couldn’t touch that man for the same reason, because he is Mohan. Now, Gungun looks at Mohan and asks, ‘Papa, why did you do that? Tell me, how scared I was.’ Now, Mohan signals her to calm down. Mohan tells Gungun, ‘sorry,

Radha mohan written

Radha mohan written updates

I didn’t want to talk to you, nor could I talk at home or anywhere else. That’s why I had to bring you here.’ Now, Gungun asks why. So, Mohan says, ‘Why? Because Mohan says so.’ Mohan says this so that no one knows that I am also with your Radha. Now, Gungun asks in surprise, ‘What does that mean?’

Now, Mohan explains it to her. He says, ‘It means that I was just acting to hate Radha. Now, Gungun asks, ‘Why were you with her?’ Now, Mohan explains it to Gungun. He says, ‘See, what appears in life, not everything is true. Mohan continues, ‘Sometimes, we shouldn’t rely on our eyes,

but trust our hearts. Mohan goes on to say, ‘Gungun, some people come into our lives to make it better. Radha has done the same.’ Mohan tells Gungun, ‘First, tell me, were you always angry with me?’

‘I always scolded you. Who changed all this? On whose advice did you call me Papa? Now, both remember old things when she first called Mohan Papa and also when she did it on Radha’s insistence. Mohan says to Mohan, ‘You called me Papa on Radha’s insistence, right?

And even today, when I was scolding you, who came to stop me? Radha came, didn’t she? Have you not seen how she fought to save you? Mohan tells Gungun, ‘Those who are bad, who are murderers, their hearts are not so pure. Oh, what hasn’t Radha done for us? She risked her life for us. If happiness comes to our house today,

it’s only because of Radha. Now, Tulsi says, ‘Papa, you’re absolutely right.’ Mohan Agarwal speaks formally, but Papa is the letter. If Mohan speaks, how can I explain? It becomes a problem. What they see, they believe to be true. As we grow older, we stop listening to our heart and rely on our eyes. But children listen to their heart.

For a moment, forget what you’ve read, what you’ve seen. Just place your hand on your heart and think, can Radha do something like that? Now, Gungun gets lost in thought. Now Mohan asks, ‘How can I explain it to you, Gungun?’ Mohan tells Gungun, ‘Gungun, place your hand on your heart. Gungun does the same.

Mohan tells Gungun, ‘Now take Radha’s name.’ She says ‘no.’ Tulsi pleads with Gungun, ‘Please, Gungun.’ Mohan tells Gungun, ‘Please, Gungun.’ Gungun refuses again. Mohan says, ‘Do it for me once.’ Now Gungun refuses again. Mohan says, ‘Do it for yourself.’ Gungun refuses again. While crying, Tulsi says, ‘Please, Gungun, Mohan said it once for his mother.’

Now she places her hand on her heart and says, ‘Rama and Gungun start remembering all the old things about Radha.”Now GunGun speaks while sobbing, ‘What have I done with Rama? Why didn’t I trust him? How much did I doubt Radha? I said so many wrong things. It must be hurting Mohan so much. Now GunGun says,

‘I am very bad.’ But now even Banke Bihari might get angry with me. Mohan tries to console GunGun. He says, ‘Nothing like that will happen.’ Mistakes happen to everyone. Don’t you remember how many times I myself haven’t trusted Radha? GunGun asks Mohan to let her talk to Radha.

She says, ‘Papa, I want to apologize to her.’ Then I realize how much wrong I spoke about her, and how hurt she must have been. Please let me talk to her, Papa. Now Mohan says, ‘How can we talk to her at this moment? It’s not possible to talk to her now.’ GunGun starts requesting, ‘Papa, please, I want to talk to her.

Please, Papa, do it once.’ Mohan agrees and calls the constable. The constable gets annoyed by the video call. She answers the call while looking here and there. She says, ‘Mohan ji, it was fine until you reached Shekhar sir, but now you’re calling me too. Please try to understand that my job is at stake.’ Mohan says, ‘Madam, please try to understand.’

Radha’s daughter wants to talk to her. The constable says, ‘No, no, no, I can’t take such a big risk. GunGun insists and takes the phone from Mohan’s hand. “She requests, ‘Aunt, please let me talk to my mom. Just talk to her once.’ The constable says, ‘sorry, I can’t do that.’

Now GunGun says, ‘Look, you must have a daughter too, and if you deny her from talking to someone, how would she feel? Aunt, it will hurt her, right? Please, talk to Rama for me. I have done so wrong with her, Aunt. I’ve hurt her so much. Please, Aunt, talk to her.

If she keeps requesting the constable so many times, and if the constable gives in, she says, ‘Okay, dear, I’ll talk to her.’ Radha is crying in her cell. Then GunGun’s voice is heard in Radha’s ear. Radha picks up the phone and cries again.

Meanwhile, Shanti also wakes up due to Radha’s crying. Now Radha sees GunGun on the phone and starts crying again. Then Radha becomes happy and says, ‘GunGun.’ And now GunGun apologizes to Radha. She says, ‘Sorry, Rama. I’m sorry, GunGun.’ Then she says, ‘Sorry, Rama.

I didn’t trust you and trusted those letters. And now Radha says, ‘It’s okay, dear. It happens. Even good people are tested by God, and we’re really happy for you that you passed this difficult test so easily.’

“Now Mohan speaks with pride, ‘Think, who else can do all this? Only Damini wants to keep you away from your papa. It means she’s the one who’s trying to ruin us, and because of her, you’re in jail. But don’t let her doubt that you’re with us. You have to be mindful of yourself and your papa now, and you won’t take any step that would make Damini doubt that you’re with us.’

Then GunGun exerts a little pressure on her brain and after thinking for a while, ‘Damini,’ comes out of her mouth. Now Tulsi speaks, ‘You’re thinking correctly, GunGun. Apart from Damini, no one can do this work. Only she wants to keep you away from your papa and Radha. So, this means you’re in jail because of Damini’s actions.

Now they’re angry. She says, ‘Damini, I won’t let her get away now.'”She says, “I call her Damini, now I say to her, ‘Radha, GunGun, calm down. Look, GunGun, it’s written in the Bhagavad Gita that intellect can be destroyed by anger. And that’s what Radha was trying to convey a while ago.”

“In the past, she forgot that when she had hit her tongue, and now she’s imparting wisdom to the children. At this moment, I shouldn’t let my intelligence be clouded by anger; I need to focus on my actions. At this moment, we are not with you, so you must focus on yourself and your father.

Don’t take any step that would raise suspicions in Damini’s mind that you’re with us. Therefore, it’s important to act with wisdom rather than anger. Mohan takes the phone from GunGun and says, ‘Now, Damini’s end will come.’

In Radha mohan upcoming story we will see that how mohan will expose damini

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